The avionics system is the backbone of highly reusable, operable, and reliable space systems. As the Avionics Systems Engineer at an early-stage start-up, you will own the development of the avionics system architecture for a high-performance space application, and you will carry it through the entire hardware lifecycle. You will work closely with the rest of the development team and other stakeholders to develop system requirements and architecture, specify and procure components, build prototypes to validate requirements and architecture decisions, integrate the avionics system with the rest of the product, define and perform component and system-level tests, and continuously iterate and improve your designs. You will seek out state-of-the-art solutions to difficult problems and you will define company standards for avionics development. You must be ready to stay focused, move fast, self-direct, and learn on the fly.


  • Exceptional command of fundamentals
  • Proficiency in specifying, procuring, and testing hardware for aerospace or similar harsh environments
  • Proficiency in systems engineering fundamentals at both a subsystem and component level
  • Familiarity with first principles of electrical engineering in a wide variety of areas including: circuit design, power electronics, motor/motion control, linear control theory, signal conditioning, RF systems, and data networking
  • Ability to design and fabricate electrical component prototypes for use in an R&D lab environment
  • Familiarity with common tools and programming languages for embedded software and data analysis (e.g. C++, Python)
  • Knowledge of systems engineering fundamentals
  • Ability to lead
  • Ability to follow
  • Excellent written and verbal communication
  • Bachelor’s degree in electrical or computer engineering, or similar