High quality ground support systems are crucial for quick and efficient test and launch cadence. As a Ground Avionics Engineer at an early-stage start-up, you will develop state of the art software tools and pair them with robust hardware to facilitate ground test and launch activities. You will work with flight avionics to incorporate flight components into ground testing in order to build component test heritage. You will architect ground test and launch systems with commonality so that test stand lessons learned can be applied directly to launch activities. You will continuously iterate to improve speed, safety, and efficiency. You must be ready to stay focused, move fast, self-direct, and learn on the fly.


  • Exceptional command of fundamentals
  • Knowledge of common tools and programming languages for data acquisition and control (python, Labview)
  • Practical knowledge of instrumentation including pressure sensors (high and low freq), thermocouples, RTDs, and accelerometers
  • Practical and theoretical knowledge of electrical engineering including circuit design, power electronics, motor/motion control, and signal conditioning
  • Proficiency in designing, procuring, and testing hardware for aerospace or similar harsh environment
  • Ability to lead
  • Ability to follow
  • Excellent written and verbal communication
  • Bachelor’s degree in electrical or mechanical engineering, or simila